General Terms & Conditions

1. Generally, we do not ask for a deposit payment in advance. An exception to this rule would be if we were supplying you with bespoke items that require us to pay a deposit in advance.


2. Payment for works carried out will be due on completion. If a responsible person is not available to accept/pay for goods at point of delivery.installation, the goods may be returned to us, and an alternative delivery/installation date may be agreed at a revised cost.


3. Quotations/estimates only include for the work specified theron. Additional work must be authorised by the client in writing prior to the work being carried out. Any additional work or parts required will be charged in addition to the original quotation/estimate. Additional works will be charged at current hourly rates, plus parts, which will have been subjected to vat at the current rate.


4. Our rates have been calculated on the understanding that sufficient clear & safe access will be made available to our operatives. An additional charge will be levied for removal of obstructions from the working/access areas.


5. The removal of spoil from site shall only be undertaken if requested by the client at a cost to be agreed. Otherwise, the spoil will be spread along the fence line or to a skip/area on site designated by you.


6.  Our guarantee covers against faulty materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of delivery/installation. Should, as a result of faulty workmanship or materials, the fencing/gates/railings become unserviceable or unsafe to use they would be covered by this guarantee.


7.  If, through no fault of our installers, our operatives or other tradesmen working on our behalf, are kept unduly waiting and are unable to work on site, an additional charge will be levied at the current hourly rate (per man).


8.  It is understood that completed work has been accepted unless we receive notification of either defective materials or workmanship, in writing.


9.  All goods remain the property of Aztec Fencing Limited until paid for in full. The contract is not complete until payment has been received in full.


10.  The risk for the goods shall pass to the client at point of delivery/installation. However, we reserve the right to have free access across private property to recover any goods not paid for in full. All reasonable making good cost is to be born by the client.


11.  Underground Services: It is the responsibility of the client to bring to our attention the location of underground services at time of invitation to quote and certainly prior to works commencing. Should we discover underground services during works, we will inform the client of the situation. Works will only continue when the procedure set out in (4) above has been followed.


12.  Third parties: If a third party is to be involved in this contract/work it must be brought to our attention at time of invitation to quote. The client (addressee) will be fully responsible for accepting our quotation/estimate and making payment on time.


13.  This estimate or quotation is valid for 30 day's from the date shown thereon. Acceptance of this quotation/ estimate involves acceptance of these terms and conditions and will be part of the binding contract between the two parties. Any cancellation, alteration or postponement by the client shall entitle us to claim for any losses or expenses occurring as a result.


14.  If, due to inclement weather etc, we are unable to carry out the works we will contact you 24 hours in advance where ever this is possible to do so. At this point, we will arrange an alternative installation/delivery date with you.


15.  All timber is pressure treated softwood unless otherwise specified.


16.  All dimensions/measurements given are approximate.


17.  Aztec Fencing Limited are licensed waste carriers. A copy of our license is availbale on request. Please be aware that you may be liable to prosecution for employing contractors to carry waste who do not hold a current waste carriers license.


       These terms and conditions do not affect the client's statutory rights.




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